A prayer for our country


Father God, how we need you right now. Have mercy on our country for your name’s sake.

You guided our forefathers to establish our government on your good principles…on righteousness and morality. You gave them wisdom to codify protection of the freedoms and rights that we are given by you. You raised up godly men to lead and serve. You blessed us with breathtaking vistas, abundant natural resources, and bountiful fields of grain.

But we have received all your good gifts and cast you aside. We have reveled in our self-sufficiency and rejected your rulership. We have denied some their inalienable rights and created rights that you did not will. We have engaged in immorality and corruption from the lowliest citizen to the highest levels of government.

We have sinned and have not been sorry.

But you are a compassionate and merciful God. Rain down your mercy on us right now, heavenly Father. Convict us of our sin and turn us to you in repentance. Reveal truth…you are Truth. Open our eyes to who you are and to the joy that can be ours if we would only align our wills with yours.

Heal our land, Lord, and make us a great nation because we belong to and serve a great God. Raise up godly men and women to lead and guide who acknowledge you as their Lord and ours…who will seek your face in humble submission and serve our country moved and led by your Holy Spirit.

Have mercy on us, Lord, and teach us to show mercy to one another. Reveal yourself as the one who created and rules the universe and yet loves each of us with a steadfast love and a compassionate heart. Rule in our hearts and draw us to yourself that we may be saved.

– Amen