Societal parasites must be excised

The United States of America is more than simply a land mass populated by millions of individual human beings. As a union of those individuals it is a societal organism with rights and needs, and currently those rights and needs are being threatened by parasites which must be removed, as well as by pro-parasite fanatics who are seeking to deny society the right to do so.

Our country is unfortunately host to unwanted entities which are feeding off of it and negatively affecting its well-being. They are self-centered defenders of a supposed right to kill, promoting death and destruction as a choice not only acceptable but objectively good. Like a cancer, their degrading and hostile presence threatens the health of our society and is causing much distress and division.

Though some claim they are not parasitic at all but instead unique beings with inherent value that deserve to be allowed to live and grow within society, this is clearly seen to be false when one considers their mental capacity and level of development. They have no self-awareness of their ignorance of reality or the duplicity of their nature, nor do they have sufficient independent functional ability to enable them to exist separated from the society which supports them. But since they do exist within the body of society, they are essentially part of that body, and society has the right of autonomy over itself and so can choose to do away with them.

Those who argue for the parasites’ right to life are unjustly elevating the parasite over the society which hosts it. But they don’t really care about the lives of the dependent entities. It’s all about subjugating and controlling society. That’s their ultimate goal. Furthermore, their objections are based solely on their particular religious worldview which they attempt to impose on society, but why should we make laws for all based on the beliefs of only some? The status and fate of parasites is between society and its leaders alone and no one else has the right to make that decision.

And how can we take their supposed concern for the lives of the parasites seriously if they’re not also doing everything humanly possible to protect and provide for the lives of those society favors?

Some pro-parasites go so far as to claim that even before the moment the invading entity attaches itself to society it is a being that society must also favor. But that is clearly mistaken. It has the potential to become a benefit and contributing member to our well-being, but social scientists all affirm that until hostile, lying death-promoters develop the capacity to be viable contributors they have no inherent worth within society and so are rightly expendable.

The legal right to choose to destroy society’s parasites must be protected and defended. If the anti-choice protesters get their way it will only mean that we will be forced to take illegal and less safe measures to end their invasion, which would seriously endanger society itself.

Hopefully you’ve already picked up on it, but the parasites in this allegory are the abortion supporters who are so deceptive, denying, nonsensical, and even hostile in their defense of the deadly deed that they pose a hazard to an American culture founded on objective moral principles such as the inalienable right to life for all humanity. They have gotten increasingly more extreme in their efforts to deny protection to the unborn, even to categorizing the developing child as no more than a parasite.

But few of them have the integrity to even listen to and consider criticisms of their poor arguments. So I thought perhaps if we could turn the tables and make them the objects of their illegitimate justifications for destruction they might see and feel the injustice of them.

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