Arming ourselves for the conflict of our times

When I began blogging way back in 2012 my focus was on giving reasons to believe God exists and, in particular, that Christianity is true. Hence the title, A Reasonable Faith. But I have also addressed moral issues that one’s beliefs about God bear on, such as homosexuality, pornography, and abortion. Because I believe that a genuine faith and trust in the God of the Bible will align a person’s views on these moral issues with his, my focus remains on promoting and defending that faith and trust. But the moral issues still need to be wrestled with, if only because they demonstrate how messed up we are and how much we need God.

The gravest moral issue of our time, I believe, is abortion, as it is essentially a direct assault on God himself in whose image we are created. To intentionally take the life of an innocent human being without proper justification is to oppose the God who created that life. So those who support the right of a woman to kill the innocent life within her for any reason are in essence thumbing their noses at God, and that’s why I will not vote for a candidate who supports abortion rights. Their position on this one issue is evidence of an ungodly character and a distorted worldview which will affect every decision they make.

But more important than the political impact of a person’s view of abortion is, of course, the life or death impact it has on the objects of abortion – the innocent children. Tiny human beings are daily being burned, suctioned, stabbed, and dismembered in the womb and we are sanctioning and even celebrating it. This is a horrible evil and we’ve got to put an end to it.

Why do so many not see abortion for the evil that it is? Some, I think, just don’t care about what’s right or wrong and others are too self-focused to weigh it for its moral considerations. But others have been misled or deceived or are for whatever reason unaware of or misinformed about the facts regarding abortion and human life.

So for the next however many weeks it takes me, I am going to summarize chapter by chapter an excellent book I’m reading called Politically Correct Death: Answering Arguments for Abortion Rights by Francis J. Beckwith. He covers the legal history, abortion procedures, prenatal development and more, and counters from a philosophical and rational viewpoint, not a religious one, the arguments put forward by those who support and defend the killing of unborn humans. Unlike their deceptive, emotional appeals to nebulous rights and misrepresentations of biology, this book deals with facts and truth, against which deception cannot stand.

But only if the facts are known and shown to be true by enough people to overpower the influence of the many who hide or distort them. We are at a crucial juncture in this 46-years-long cultural conflict. Those on the side of life are standing up for it more boldly than ever and those who promote death are seeing their position threatened and are in survival mode. Now is the time to advance against their weakened defenses by arming ourselves with the truth and pressing on in the power of justice and righteousness for the sake of the little ones who are the only real victims in this conflict.

I hope you’ll join me in the fight.