Let’s play The Glad Game*

So this coronavirus outbreak is causing considerable havoc but I’m a glass-half-full type and I see a lot of good coming from it. How is it benefitting thee and me? Let me count the ways.

  1. Folks who were serious slackers about washing their hands are much less slack now. And those for whom hand-washing was a habit are doing a better job of it. This surely has already protected folks from succumbing to a variety of illnesses, and if we can keep it up will contribute to a healthier society.
  2. It’s stirring up altruism among neighbors. My local town Facebook group has become a hub for organizing aid to the elderly and others in our community who may need assistance, and I’m sure that’s happening all over the country.
  3. Necessity is the mother of invention, it is said, and right now we find ourselves in unique needy situations. Who knows the number and scope of new medications, technologies, working arrangements, products, money-saving methods and more that will improve our quality of life for decades to come?
  4. Along the same lines, we are all having to be creative in meeting new challenges, and some are just discovering that they ARE creative. That’s a very good thing.
  5. Many will finally use up what’s in the freezer.
  6. Some event cancellations, though disappointing for many, also mean the cancellation of nefarious, dangerous, and/or immoral behavior which would have taken place there had the event been held. Would-be victims won’t be…opportunities for hooking up or shooting up have been thwarted…and, of course, no chance for a few people with the virus spreading it exponentially.
  7. For introverted homebodies like me, social distancing is what we’ve been praying for.
  8. Since the virus is deadly primarily among those over 60, many moms who ordinarily don’t will get calls from their adult children to ask how they’re feeling. Mom feels loved.
  9. Many professional athletes are donating large chunks of money to cover the wages of hourly employees lost because of the cancelled games. Their example will surely guilt others into doing the same.
  10. Most importantly, crises wake us up from a slumberous, routine, earthbound existence to the reality that this life is fleeting and more care needs to be taken to spending our days wisely. And many who have ignored or postponed thinking about spiritual things will finally get serious about God and seek answers to the questions they have drowned out with busyness and pleasure-seeking. A crisis is a flashing billboard for the kingdom of God.

I’m sure there are many more blessings and benefits resulting from this coronavirus crisis. Please add to my list if you think of or experience one.

And don’t worry…be happy, at home. I am.


* From Disney’s Pollyanna. Now’s a good time to watch it again.