Still thinking about racism

The socialist, anti-family agenda of BLM
Of course I believe that Black Lives Matter and that pushing back with “all lives matter” misses the point. But in promoting the BLM movement we are empowering an organization that is anti-capitalist, wants to abolish prisons and the police, as well as “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family.”

So for conservatives like me, supporting Black Lives Matter is a bad move because, (1) capitalism is the best system for moving blacks (and whites) out of poverty, (2) abolishing prisons and the police would lead to even more death and destruction in the black community, and (3) the nuclear family where children live with their married, biological parents is the single most determining factor in stability and success for black people.

Fathers matter
Over 65% of black children come from single-parent families, and overwhelmingly that parent is the mother. Studies clearly show that these children fare worse academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. There can’t be any doubt that the numbers of young black men turning to crime and risking being another George Floyd would be immensely reduced if the nuclear family was valued and promoted in the black community instead of “disrupted.”

Fathers are so vitally important in a child’s life and yet the majority of black children grow up without the life-giving, affirming, loving influence of their father primarily because sex to many is merely a selfish act and these men don’t take responsibility for the children they help create. Is this truth being addressed and discussed with anything close to the fervor and determination with which the consequences of fatherlessness are?

Crime, poverty, and poor education outcomes are symptoms of a deficient family structure. Wouldn’t it be wiser to treat the disease instead of just the symptoms?

Blacks need to do their part
We’re hearing a lot about how white supremacy is responsible for all the effects of racism. But blacks need to shoulder a measure of responsibility for their experiences also. As I described in my previous post, many today have shifted what can be described as racist from a cause to an effect. So virtually every disadvantage or difficulty a black person suffers can be attributed to racism.

But many of them can be likewise attributed to fatherlessness in the black community as I said, for one, but also to other actions and attitudes. Such as:

  • lionizing criminals like George Floyd and Michael Brown. When criminals are made heroes it sends a message that a life of crime is nothing to be ashamed of and actually does pay.
  • condoning destruction and violence. How can young black men NOT get the message that looting, destruction of property, and violent attacks on innocent bystanders and police officers is acceptable when that’s all being defended today?
  • celebrating and promoting black music and videos that glorify violence and demean women. This just perpetuates the idea that violence is necessary and women are to be used and discarded.

Next time I’m going to ask, why do black lives matter? And why I think this has become such an all-consuming cause for some.