The soul of Old Joe

Joe Biden talks a lot about “the soul of the nation.” I’m very interested to know how he would characterize the nation’s soul.  Of course, nations per se don’t have souls; people do. A person’s soul is the essence of who they are…their character, values, and beliefs…so I guess a nation’s soul would be the conglomeration of all its citizens’ souls. Clearly Biden has in mind one soul in particular as being dark and dangerous, but also, I presume, the other souls who plan to vote for this particular soul.

Of course, I agree with him that we are in “a battle for the soul of this nation.” It’s one I’ve been fighting for years with this blog. But it’s pretty clear that we’re not on the same side. If we were we’d be decrying the same beliefs and behaviors, and we’d hold the same values and have the same vision. But we’re not and we don’t.

For example, Biden has had plenty of opportunities to strongly condemn all the rioting that’s been going on for months, seeing as how violence is hardly characteristic of a healthy soul. But only after the polls began reflecting people’s displeasure with the Democrats’ response to it did he do so. Initially he issued a tepid statement which likely fueled the unrest because he focused on supporting the narrative of rampant, racist police brutality. He could have promoted peace by immediately coming out against rushing to judgment in what was likely a good shoot in the Jacob Blake case in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But instead he said that the police officer’s shots “pierce the soul of our nation.” Because…racism.

It seems to me a disregard for truth is a blot on one’s soul. But Joe Biden continues to propagate the lie that President Trump spoke well of neo-Nazis who rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.  Biden has lied about his record, his accomplishments, his personal life, and, as the video below documents, his plagiarisms are legendary. I think President Trump should trade “Sleepy Joe” for “Lyin’ Biden.”

So have a look and listen to some honest fact-checking from the mainstream media back in the day. Has anyone heard reference to these realities about Joe Biden from the MSM lately? Whoo boy.

Donald Trump’s no choir boy. But neither is Joe Biden the man of exemplary character and integrity he wants us to think he is. Perhaps Biden should first examine his own soul before bemoaning the soul of the nation.