Joe Biden is a pony

As much as I fear what a Biden-Harris administration will mean for this country, I must confess that if Joe Biden is indeed inaugurated as president in January, I expect to enjoy what is surely coming —> four more years of his embarrassing gaffes. The cringe-worthy videos are my guilty pleasure. Mea culpa.

This latest one is a doozy, and exemplifies one of the many reasons why I rejected him for president. He’s a pony. Watch and see what I did there.

Joe Biden is a phony . . . not a pony. Because the Book of Psalms is pronounced “salms” not “palms,” so the psalm writer is a “salmist,” not a “palmist.” Psalms is one of the best known books of the Bible and is read from regularly at Catholic masses. Yet though Biden claims to be a devout Catholic, he didn’t even know how to pronounce the word.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both profess to be “people of faith” but their words and actions belie their profession. They want us to believe their “faith” is in the true God but their enthusiastic support for abortion and same-sex marriage tells a different story. They’re phonies . . . both of them. And I don’t trust them.

Biden has repeatedly lied and misrepresented himself. I wrote about that here. When he looks in the mirror he sees a “lying, dog-faced, pony soldier.”

And he presents himself as a unifying moderate, but with him and the Democrats in control we’ll all be ponying up more of our hard-earned cash to further subsidize Planned Parenthood and the radical Democrats’ agenda.

It would be really great to have a genuine Christ-follower in the White House. I don’t believe Joe Biden is. I do question Donald Trump’s profession of faith as well, and some will recall the mocking he received in 2016 for referring to the book of 2 Corinthians as “Two Corinthians” instead of “Second Corinthians,” as it’s normally called. The thing is, “Two Corinthians” is perfectly acceptable. I’ve heard others call it that and have called it that myself. The Book of Palms, however, will never pass as acceptable for the Book of Psalms.

I can only imagine what Biden’s handlers thought and did when they heard him make this latest gaffe. I’m thinking it probably involved a palm. To the forehead.