Unrelative truth

I just want to point something out real quick. We want the truth about this election, whether it was legit or not. We want assurances about a vaccine, if it’s true that it’s safe and effective. We believe there is truth to be known about whether or not someone has the virus. Yet there are some who count themselves among the “we” and hold at the same time that truth is relative. There’s “my truth” and “your truth” and all that.

To these relativists who say there was no effort to rig the election for Joe Biden, I would say, “That may be true for you but it’s not true for me. My truth is that President Trump handily won reelection.”

If they tell me they don’t trust a vaccine created under a Trump administration, I’d assure them that it’s true for me that it’s safe for them. So they can get it with confidence.

And if they object to me coughing unmasked in their presence after I’ve just been diagnosed with COVID, I’d tell them to take a chill pill. Because my truth is that I’m not contagious.

All truth is objective. And truth matters.