A coming wave of courage?

Conservatives like me have had reason to be hopeful lately because of the courage of some liberals. Because they told the truth when it was difficult. I’ve been praying hard for lies to be exposed and truth revealed and I believe my prayers are being answered.

The temptation to conceal truth that will reflect badly on those on your “side” is strong. So when I read of a number of Democrat colleagues of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, including NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio, openly calling out the governor for his deceptions and abuse, I was so surprised and delighted. As I was with the revelation of racially-based hostility at the liberal Smith College by one of its alumni and employees, Jodi Shaw. This woman’s resignation letter should be required reading for everyone in favor of or being subjected to what passes for diversity training in 2021.

Others in recent days have similarly bravely spoken truth in revealing deception and injustice, and I cautiously foresee a coming wave of honest admissions, accusations, and exposés as one revelation spawns another. Because truth-telling begets truth-telling, and that because courage encourages. Those who know truth that has been hidden or denied are emboldened by the courageous examples of others. There is strength in numbers, so knowledge of shared experiences breeds courage and confidence to speak out.

The opportunities for displaying courage in honesty are innumerable. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of just some of the issues and areas characterized by lies that are crying out to be uncovered.

  1. Abortion – Baby humans are being intentionally and often violently killed while abortion rights advocates deny the child’s humanity, conceal the abortion industry’s money-making intentions, and deceptively cloak the whole grisly, murderous business as women’s “healthcare.”
  2. Gender – Sane people are getting cancelled or condemned for simply stating the obvious truth that there are only two, non-interchangeable genders, by promoters of a culture of insanity that claims if a man calls himself a woman it is thereby so, and he can share showers with and compete against real women.
  3. Racism – Woke, social justice warriors insist that all whites are racist by virtue of their skin color alone, which of course is a classic example of prejudice and racism, and a lie being perpetuated at multiple universities and corporations by individuals too cowardly to stand up to the woke mob.
  4. Partisan media outlets – Journalists, news outlets, and social media platforms present themselves as objective all the while covering and monitoring the left preferentially and favorably over the right. Their biases are so obvious, their duplicity could hardly be more blatant.
  5. Political criminality – “Power corrupts” and God only knows the full measure of corruption in political high places in this country and others. When my prayers are fully answered, we also will know.

That day will come, when all that is hidden will be uncovered and all of men’s and women’s deceptions exposed to the light. The bigger the coming wave of forthrightness and truth, the fewer the lies that will be left exposed and laid bare when the tide goes out, and no place nor way to hide remains.