The house progressives built

As anyone with what is increasingly UNcommon sense knows, morality in America has been turned upside down and backwards. Sexual promiscuity and perversion are celebrated but expecting people to follow God’s standards for sex is bigotry. Innocent children are killed and discarded as inconvenient while innocent children’s books are condemned as racist. Destruction of businesses and livelihoods is legitimate expression but conservative, nonviolent speech is not.

All this upending and twisting of traditional morality demands accountability. We’re hearing lots of assertions but little evidence for them. Constant criticisms and self-righteous judgments but no good reasons to believe them. Accusations of offense without a concrete defense. 

I have a solid foundation and defense for my belief in traditional morality. Does the progressive Left have the same for their untraditional morality? My standard of right and wrong is firmly grounded in the unchanging character of God and in what he has decreed. Theirs is tenuously tethered to the fluctuating and variable opinions of man and in what he desires. 

So why should I go along with or submit to the Left’s moral declarations and demands? When they say “Black Lives Matter” I say, Why? Why? Says who? Unless they can appeal to a transcendent, objective standard, their moral code is essentially non-binding. If all they have to ground their insistence on the equal value of every human being (the born ones anyway) is that they happen to be one and it seems right to them, they have no moral authority to condemn me if I think it seems wrong. 

White supremacism is objectively evil only if all humans have equal, inherent value, a concept which is unsustainable in any non-theistic worldview. So unless the Left wants to appeal to a God who created humanity in his image…black, white, brown, and yellow…we are all accidental products of random mutations and natural selection and our value is merely what we assign to ourselves. And if I were to assign more value to the white race over the black, other accidents of nature can scream and holler about it but their condemnations would not stick. If we are autonomous and unaccountable to any higher authority than our own humanity, my beliefs and opinions are just as valid as those of the ones who would condemn me.

But suppose they do appeal to God as Creator and the one who assigns equal value to all. I would want to know why, if they believe God exists, they disregard him completely when it comes to sexuality, gender, and the murder of unborn children.

Jesus said those who hear him and do what he says are like the wise man who built his house on the rock, where it would remain unmoved by floods and storms. And those who don’t do what he says are like the foolish man who built his house on unstable sand, and “great was the fall of it.” We are seeing progressives progressively disassembling America’s “house” which was built on the solid rock of biblical values and belief in God and reassembling it on the sand of secular humanism. 

If we don’t stop them, we won’t have a house at all.