Pride Month is just wrong

Sometimes I feel like going to live in a cave until Jesus returns, and rids the world of all evil. Then, and maybe only then, will my soul no longer be so vexed and dismayed.

We’re halfway through Pride Month…30 days of in-your-face rainbow reminders that homosexual behavior must be considered good and right, and even celebrated. Not only that, but children should be encouraged to explore sexuality of all kinds, at any age. That this is all something we should take pride in only magnifies the evil with the added weight of the first deadly sin.

To many, my view on gender issues and Pride Month is what’s evil…intolerant, bigoted, hateful. Two diametrically opposed perspectives can be traced to one defining difference: one’s belief about God.

So let me shoot some non-lethal bullets that will hopefully hit the target, i.e. a better understanding of the conservative position on LGBTQ+ issues.

  • The determining question is: Does God exist and in what way are we responsible to him? The Bible clearly teaches that homosexual behavior is sinful, so as a God-fearing Christ-follower I cannot condone, much less celebrate it.
  • But it does not follow that I am therefore bigoted and hateful. My opposition is to the celebration and promotion of sin, not to the men and women who find themselves attracted to their own sex. I can love people in the LGBTQ+ community at the same time I’m opposing their lifestyle.
  • Homosexual activity is immoral like adultery is immoral…and theft, lying, murder, etc. But none of those other sins is (currently) being promoted as morally acceptable behavior. If they were, I would be a weak and cowardly Christian to be silent about it.
  • Churches that condone and celebrate what God has condemned are worse than weak and cowardly, and will not escape judgment.
  • When sin (in this case, homosexual activity) is said to be not sin, sinners will sin all the more. What started out as “accept us for who we are” has led to scantily clad men dressed as women twerking in front of children at pride parades and drag shows. And school teachers and librarians promoting pornographic “Gender Queer” books to young students. The slippery slope is real.

Thirty long days every June promoting the sin of homosexual behavior is an affront to all the believers like me who share God’s view of it, not to mention an affront to him. And greatly contributes to the increase of evil and sin.

Pride Month needs to go.