Promoting sex to children

The evidence has become as obvious and repulsive as a backed-up sewer. Too many educators of young children today are intent on grooming them to explore and experiment with their sexuality. It’s undeniable and unfathomable. Why are children being targeted this way? Are all these teachers perverse individuals who slipped unnoticed into the schools, or is something else going on?

Please read this post from last September.

“What is the matter with some teachers?”

That was my personal comment on a video I recently shared on Facebook. A teenaged student at a local high school was telling the school board members that her teacher forced the class to watch R-rated, sexually explicit movies, one of which featured a 10-year-old child stripping on stage. Have a look and listen. It’s a short clip.

Why would a high school teacher think this is okay? Though I was initially bewildered, as I began recalling the numerous recent videos exposing teachers’ subversive efforts to indoctrinate their students, I had a thought. A possible answer: Maybe promoting sex to students is intentional.

My thought wasn’t pulled out of thin air but rather sprung out of some solid research and my reading of it. Carl Trueman’s The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self chronicles the changing views of identity and self in our culture. In it Trueman cites the powerful influence of Sigmund Freud’s views of sex as central to who we are and sexual pleasure as the highest goal. He says:

…before Freud, sex was an activity, for procreation or for recreation; after Freud, sex is definitive of who we are, as individuals, as societies, and as a species. It does not matter that the strictly scientific status of Freud’s theories is now methodologically and materially discredited. (1)

Freud believed that even very young children find their identity in their sexuality and that religion is detrimental to their personal and sexual fulfillment as human beings. He expressed his disdain for the traditional schooling of children this way:

Is it not true that the two main points in the programme for the education of children today are retardation of sexual development and premature religious influence? (2)

In Freud’s thinking, schools should be encouraging sex and discouraging moral and religious ideas. Trueman observes that because of the very influential views of Freud and other thinkers of the last few centuries, these “two main points” have been reversed and “are now at the heart of today’s educational philosophies.” He continues:

Contemporary education has become in some quarters preoccupied with the liberation of children’s sexual instincts and the elimination of any religious influence whatsoever. Today’s education as therapy exhibits these two pathologies: a liberation from traditional sexual codes and (given its role in maintaining traditional sexual codes) liberation from religion. (3)

We as parents need to be aware of the ideologies our children’s teachers have been trained in and not assume that they share our values. Some of them certainly do, but not all. Do whatever you can to know what your children are being taught and exposed to in school and object, forcefully, if it’s objectionable.

Contrary to what many in government and academia believe, your children do not belong to the state. Protect your rights as parents to protect your children from false ideologies and harmful influences.

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