A wokeness I can get behind

What do a spiritual revival in Kentucky and corruption and greed in high places have to do with each other? If you ask me, it’s that the one is the antidote to the other.

Corruption and greed are universal sins and inexcusable no matter the circumstances of the one committing them. But they are particularly evil when the known result is real and lasting damage to children. Such are the dastardly deeds of doctors, hospital administrators, pharmaceutical executives, and government officials in sanctioning and promoting supposed “gender-affirming healthcare” because it is financially beneficial to them.

There can be no denying that children are being manipulated and physically and emotionally scarred for life because of greedy adults taking advantage of the children’s insecurities and confusion to line their own pockets. The horror stories of young bodies mutilated and futures ruined are leaking out and will likely reach flood stage soon. Meanwhile, adults in healthcare, academia, and government who should be protecting children are constructing dams to stem the tide of truth so they can continue to profit off them instead.

Is there any way to counteract this deadly sin of greed? We can prosecute and punish those whose greed leads them to commit crimes of corruption and deception. But how do we cleanse our communities from the corrosive stain of greed itself?

Nothing short of a spiritual awakening will do that. Only a clear conviction of our culpability before a holy God and a response of real repentance will break the stranglehold of greed on the human heart. If what is happening at Asbury University continues to spread we may be on the cusp of another great awakening, resulting in changed lives, destructive deeds rejected, healing and hope renewed, and a return to a culture that fiercely and sacrificially values and protects children.

This is the kind of wokeness I can get behind. And it is what I have been praying for.