What you are signaling is not virtue

Hopefully you’ve seen at least one of them…these disgusting and highly disturbing videos of men dressed as women in sexually explicit attire performing sexually suggestive routines for audiences that include very young children. “Family friendly” is the blatantly deceptive hook they use to lure in a captive clientele to their drag shows in order to satisfy their perverse exhibitionism. 

As disturbing as these performances are for their grotesque depravity, what disturbs me just as much is the reality that there are parents who knowingly and willingly set their children down in front of it. The thought of bringing my children to a drag show is absolutely abhorrent to me, and to many other parents. How and why is it that there are supposedly loving parents who not only don’t find it abhorrent but healthy and good instead?

I believe it is, paradoxically, our innate sense of morality. Let me break it down this way.

  1. We all are born with a God-given moral compass, a conscience that guilts us when we do wrong and confers warm fuzzies when we do something laudable.
  2. Unless we have completely seared our conscience by totally giving ourselves over to evil, we have this sense of right and wrong, good and bad, whether or not we are God-fearing believers.
  3. But if we are not, our focus is not Godward – to discover what he says is moral and decent – but instead only on procuring the warm fuzzies.
  4. And because we are not concerned with God’s will and commands, our sense of morality finds its ultimate fulfillment in doing what we determine will make ourselves and others feel good.
  5. So because these parents have been indoctrinated by the culture into believing that, in the interest of diversity and inclusion, the decent thing to do is to affirm drag queens and other gender non-conforming persons in their declared identity, they willingly comply.

We have a desire to do good and help others because we are created in the image of God. But if we have rejected his claim on our lives we are by default allowing the “prince” of this world to claim our allegiance instead. He has blinded multitudes and “taken them captive to do his will,” which is to glorify what God abhors. Promoting perverted sex and sexuality as virtuous is nothing short of demonic.

So what is truly good, i.e. concern for the welfare of others, has been so grossly distorted such that what is truly bad is now seen as good. Because people who are blind are allowing a culture saturated with evil to “see” for them.

It is up to those of us who were blind but now see to put a stop to the madness that this pseudo-virtue signaling has wrought.