Not the mama

When basic biology is denied by otherwise intelligent adults, deception is clearly the goal.

When repeated corrections of obvious falsehoods are repeatedly ignored, truth is obviously not a concern.

And when holders of an ideological position refuse to address how it collides head-on with reality, the weakness of their position is unmistakable. 

Defenders and promoters of abortion access continue to repeat the oft-heard but never-convincing pro-choice argument that this is all and only about what a woman can do with her body. No mention is ever made of the body that abortion targets. Basic biology denied, repeated corrections ignored, weakness exposed.

But though I know this will continue to be denied and/or ignored by many, here are some incontrovertible and inconvenient truths.

  1. Once a woman conceives, a new human being is created who is her child, and for whom her body was designed to protect and nourish. This child’s DNA is unique and is often male, so, “Not the mama.”
  2. The right to life is a natural right, not one that can be conferred or denied by government. Since life begins at conception, every brand new human has the right to be protected from being unjustly killed.
  3. Women have and will continue to have reproductive freedom. It’s post-reproduction that abortion restrictions are concerned with.
  4. “Fetal viability” is a nebulous but nevertheless inconsequential distinction in determining the legitimacy of killing a child in the womb. A child has a right to the protection of his mother’s womb at every stage of his pre-born existence, wherein he remains viable.
  5. We have a say in what a woman does with the body within her in the same way we have a say in what she does with the child once he’s born. Should we have no laws against child abuse?

A child cannot choose to be conceived. But men and women can choose whether or not to engage in a sexual activity which they know may result in the creation of a child. Their child. That is the time when reproductive choice can and should be exercised.

Once the very tiny but totally human person is created, it is too late. Then the choice desired by abortion advocates becomes not one of reproduction but of death.