What makes heaven heavenly?

What will heaven be like? The details of this place where God and his people dwell are sketchy, but there are things we can discern based on what we do know. 

We know that sin will not be found there so here are some features we can be sure of that partially fill in the gaps in our knowledge of God’s eternal reward for those who have faith in him.

No lies will be spoken there. 

  1. In heaven we will never be maddened to the point of frustration by others claiming that protecting the health, safety, and innocence of children makes one an evil transphobe.
  2. No one will be labeled a despicable fascist merely for supporting the police, the military, and the rule of law.
  3. There will be males in heaven and there will be females, and no false identification of either.

No hypocrisy will be exhibited there.

  1. In heaven no one will condemn one group of people for behavior or speech that they excuse in another group of people.
  2. No one will wave signs promoting love and acceptance while physically and angrily attacking those who disagree with them.
  3. No place in heaven will be found for those who spend beaucoup dollars on diversity and inclusion programs while silencing and excluding those with different viewpoints.

No hatred will be on display there.

  1. In heaven there will be no hateful, violent, destructive attacks on people and property by supposed defenders of the supposed rights of others.
  2. No lives will be hatefully threatened because of a refusal to affirm an ideology.
  3. There will be no hateful denunciations of others as hateful for affirming the ages-old definition of marriage as being only between one man and one woman and sexual morality as only being within marriage.

In heaven there will be no stupidity, cowardice, gaslighting, fear-mongering, corruption, injustice, nor any evil of any sort. And I long for it.

Sketchy details notwithstanding, this much we know is true: Heaven will be heavenly because God will be there, and sin will not.