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Gun control, authority, and Tradition

With each new mass shooting the calls for stricter gun control grow louder and more passionate. Though keeping guns out of the hands of those who have evil intents is certainly a desire… Continue reading

Holy Father

Pope Francis’ tour of the Americas continues and wherever he goes Catholics flock to get a glimpse of him or perchance a selfie. And for many of them, getting within a few hundred… Continue reading

If I met the pope

Pope Francis is coming to America next week. It’s a big deal. And it’s got me wondering…what if someone tells him about my blog, and all the critical things I’ve had to say… Continue reading

Faith plus works or faith that works?

Picture this: You’re standing before the throne of God as his mighty right-hand angel retrieves your record of deeds from the database. Between you and God is a holographic screen upon which scenes… Continue reading

Pope sets time frame for forgiveness

“A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar…” And you know the rest. You don’t? Neither do I. But there’s got to be a good joke out there that starts… Continue reading

My testimony

  I love hearing or reading people’s testimonies about how they came to faith in Christ. Especially when it involves kicking and screaming, like C.S. Lewis’s. Or a skeptical but determined investigation, like… Continue reading

Two questions for the questioning

Apart from my earliest unreflective years, there was never a time when I didn’t believe in God. As I’ve previously shared, I was raised in the Catholic Church where I soaked in the… Continue reading

The primacy of Scripture

I threw a book in the trash the other day. Not a big deal, but as one whose favorite piece of furniture may be my beautiful bookcases (but only when filled with books),… Continue reading

Redemption is received, not earned

Presuppositionalism. Modalism. Hypostasis. Social Trinitarianism. Amillenialism. Not the stuff of your average Sunday School class. But it is of some. Know what they all mean? If not you’d better learn, ‘cause your salvation… Continue reading

In the seed of faith there is new life

When one considers all the competing religious and philosophical beliefs and belief systems, and all the different conglomerations of beliefs that individuals can have, one has to wonder…what difference does it make what… Continue reading

Intelligence does not guarantee truth

Isn’t it interesting how two equally intelligent and reasonable people can look at the same evidence and come to vastly different conclusions? What else is going on? As I’ve presented arguments for theism… Continue reading

The list

This is No. 30 in the series. Please read my introduction and explanation here. This is the last installment of my series on why I left the Roman Catholic Church. What am I… Continue reading

Someday, and today

This is No. 29 in the series. Please read my introduction and explanation here. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like now, as well as the lives of my siblings, if… Continue reading

My final reasons

This is No. 28 in the series. Please read my introduction and explanation here. As I’ve crossed addressed objections off my list of reasons, I’ve also crossed off a few that I haven’t… Continue reading

Four more reasons

This is No. 27 in the series. Please read my introduction and explanation here. Before I started this series, I made a list. I asked myself, what are the reasons why I left… Continue reading